Live Larvae: Feedstock

These live larvae are in the process of preparing to pupate (a dormant phase they enter while becoming adult flies).

They are ideal for use in starting your own colony or for buyers with exotic pets, birds, poultry, and fish who want to have more time on their hands between receiving and feeding.

Larvae come in 3 sizes:

Small: the earliest stage of the larvae. Ideal for fish and smaller animals.

Medium: about mid-way through the larval stage. Ideal for chickens, lizards and amphibians.

Large: near the end of the larval stage, these larvae are fat and juicy but at over 2cm they may be a challenge for smaller animals to consume.

For orders over 25kg consider contacting us directly as we will offer a DISCOUNT on your order and improved shipping options.

From: R92,00

  • If they are going to be used as feed best to do so within 10 days or they will begin to pupate and start to become flies.
  • Packaged with some substrate (i.e. soil) to ensure they larvae do not crush each other while in transit.
  • We endeavor to ensure that you receive one full kilogram of larvae but we can’t guarantee it exactly.
  • Store in an unsealed container away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place.
  • Decant packaged larvae into a larger holding container to avoid smothering
  • Feeding is not required unless you want to grow them out yourself.

If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase please contact us immediately, with pictures to verify the error, and we will make amends!

Please note:  delivery cost based on shipping weight (which includes larvae, packaging and substrate) and NOT the weight of larvae alone.

  • Local collection from our farm in the Makhanda/Grahamstown area for free
  • Nationwide door to door shipping available at the following rates:
  • R150 up to 15kg shipping weight
  • R200 for orders between 16 -25kg shipping weight

If you’re interested in orders above 25kg please contact us directly and we will arrange a discount and give you detailed delivery pricing!