Thank you very much for choosing Nambu as your preferred insect supplier. We are very excited to share this great source of animal nutrition with you!

Nambu’s mission is, and will always be to provide you, our client, with high-quality products that are safe, affordable and environmentally sustainable. 

Nambu takes great care in preparing your order before shipping, to ensure the product reaches its final destination in the best possible condition.


Live insect orders are harvested on date of shipping, to ensure our larvae are well fed and in optimal condition when shipped.

If you order larvae rest assured that we only ship 100% live, healthy, happy larvae!

Assuming larvae is well cared for and kept in optimal conditions, larvae should stay alive and active for a minimum of 7 days from date of shipping.  This time can be extended by caring for your larvae (See Larvae caring instructions).

A word about shipping and delivery:

However, when dealing with live creatures, shipping over long distances becomes increasingly challenging.

Once your order has been dropped off/picked up by the courier, Nambu effectively has no control over the way the package is handled, nor the environmental conditions your package is subjected to during transit.

Sustained extreme heat (30 degrees +) and careless handling could have an adverse impact on the larvae’s ability to survive its journey. Because of these factors outside of our control, Nambu CANNOT guarantee the state of your live larvae upon arrival. 

Having said this, Nambu strives to satisfy all our customers. In the case where an order is received dead-on-arrival or in poor condition, please contact Nambu within 24 hours of receiving your package. Based on information received, Nambu reserves the right to offer discounted prices on your next order. 

Bearing in mind the factors above, Nambu offers the following shipping options:

Economy shipping (2-5 days) – Flat rate of R150 for up to 6kg’s of live larvae. Fully paid orders will only be sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays (orders received and paid before 10:00 on any of these days, will be shipped the same day).

All orders received after 10:00 on Tuesday will only be sent the following Monday.

Overnight shipping (48 Hours) – Shipping rate to be calculated based on order dimensions, weight and shipping destination. Fully paid orders ship out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (orders received and paid for before 10:00 on any of these days, will be shipped the same day). All orders received later than 10:00 on Wednesday, will ship the following Monday.

Arrange your own courier – As our customer you are welcome to arrange your own courier to pickup your order from our facility in Makhanda, during office hours (08:00 – 16:00) from Monday to Friday – at your own expense. The onus is on the customer to keep Nambu updated of estimated time/date of arrival of courier for order to be prepared and packed. 


Nambu Group (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to refuse service or sales to anyone for any reason at anytime.

Nambu Group (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to/not to offer discount on a future order in the case that a client is dissatisfied with the condition of their order received.

Nambu Group (Pty) Ltd and its suppliers cannot be held responsible for dead-on-arrival or poor condition orders.

Currently Nambu supplies local farmers with protein feed and the company is actively seeking to build partnerships across Southern Africa. To facilitate this and meet growing demand several pilot projects have already been initiated across the province to increase yield and shorten supply chains.